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Before you start depositing, you owe it to yourself to know exactly who you are dealing with. The amount of information found in our website makes it much easier to research the background of various online casinos than it was just a few years ago.

Newbies: Unfortunately, there are certain online casinos (Obviously, Not listed here!) that have been found to use underhanded and unethical business practices to defraud their customers. While the majority of them are honest and trustworthy sites, it is important to distinguish which is which before any money

Over the last decade, the number of online casinos has been increasing exponentially due to the increased popularity and acceptance of online gaming as a viable entertainment option for novice and experienced gamblers alike. At Online Casino US, we understand that the choice of an online casino is very important for a variety of reasons. Players are looking for an enjoyable experience that is both safe and fair. It’s difficult for inexperienced Internet gamblers to do all the research necessary to locate the best and safest places to play. By letting our experienced reviewers do the work here at Online Casino US, we can provide players with a quick reference guide to help them make the right decision every time.

When choosing an online casino, you can never be too careful. While most online casinos are operated in a fair and reliable manor, the reality is that there are some casinos that are involved in improper activities that can put your money and reputation at risk. The real value of using our free site here at Online Casino US is not only finding the best casinos in which to play, but also in locating the ones to avoid. Anytime an online casino steps over the bounds of providing fair services, the entire industry tends to get the black eye. We offer our site here as a viable method for helping players avoid these types of problems by blowing the whistle on rogue sites for the protection of players all around the world.

Here at Online Casino US, we strive to offer more value than helping to locate the best online casinos on which to play. We want to help make the entire gaming experience more enjoyable and as profitable as possible. Players will enjoy and benefit from the following pages:

  • Casino Reviews – We realize that the more information provided about a gaming site, the more comfortable a player will be in choosing to play there. Our in depth casino reviews are designed to share information about the site’s background and reputation, motif, bonuses and promotions, variety of games, banking transaction options and a general feel for how each casino operates
  • Casino Games – In this section, we want to provide information about all the popular gaming choices that are offered through most sites. We go into great detail about the different types of games offered, the different variations, general information on how to play the games and the rules associated with playing each game.
  • Tips & Tricks – This area is a player favorite. In this section, we like to use experts from all over the world to provide our loyal patrons with some tips and tricks for playing some of the games offered. These tips and tricks are designed to optimize the player’s ability to gain a profit while playing casino games. It is important for players to understand that every game offered in a casino comes with a built-in advantage in favor of the house. That’s why they are in business. However, our tips and tricks section can be used to help minimize the house’s advantage and give the player a fighting chance to walk away a winner.
  • Community Communications – By offering a blog, customer forum and questions and answers section, we are opening the lines of communication amongst our experts and patrons. These areas are designed to talk about the latest trends in online casino gaming, to discuss problems areas, to identify good things and bad things about specific casinos and to ask and answer questions regarding the overall Internet gaming industry.
  • General Information – We feel the more players know about the gaming industry, the better equipped they are to be successful. Our general “info” area is designed to provide our patrons with a useful “Gambling Glossary” of terms, to help our patrons with our philosophy about the gaming industry and its customers and some general information that we wish to share to make the gaming experience more enjoyable for our clients.

In our future, we see an expansion of our site as we connect will more gamblers who are looking for a top resource to help them in their online gambling endeavors. Our professionals will be trolling the Internet looking for the latest and greatest hot spots to share with our patrons. As a player, you will find that the sites we promote have been well vetted to assure that we are providing our patrons with the best information available. We are confident in our abilities to properly evaluate casinos and the games they offer. That’s why we are here, to help make the online gaming industry one of safest and most exciting places for gambling enthusiasts to go when a brick and mortar casino is inconvenient.

When you visit our site, we hope you will feel free to check in on the latest “tips and tricks” that have been posted on the site. By providing this information free of charge, it is our hope that patrons who have come to us for gaming information will become some of the most successful players on the web. Also, we would very much appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences on our blog. As a community of gamblers, we all share a common goal of beating the house while enjoying our experiences playing exciting games at some of the most innovative sites on the Internet. Finally, Online Casino US is here to serve you, the gambler. Drop us a line and let us know what we can to help make your future gaming experiences safer and more enjoyable.

Best Online Casinos for 2014 – 2015


1st Bonus
Total Bonus
1Grand Parker Casino Review2011Topgame300% up to $3,000$8,00098.7%Review
2Ruby Royal Casino Review2009Rival300% up to $3,000$3,00099.1%Review
3Ruby Slots Casino Review2004RTG$25 FREE or 250% up to $2,500$2,50098.2%Review
4Cool Cat Casino Review2003RTG1000% up to $2,500$2,50097.4%Review
5Wild Vegas Casino Review2003RTG350% up to $1,000$1,00097.4%Review
6Black Diamond Casino Review2009Topgame$25 FREE or 200% up to $200$2,77798.4%Review
7Club Player Casino Review2003RTG450% up to $200$1,00097.4%Review
8SlotoCash Casino Review2013WGS100% up to $100$7,77798.0%Review
9Slots Capital Casino Review2012Rival200% up to $1,000$2,777
10Palace of Chance Casino Review2004RTG$150 FREE or 200% (No Limit)No Limit!97.4%Review
11Miami Club Casino Review2013WGS100% up to $100 on the first 8 deposit$80098%Review

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